A Modern Mans Guide to Tenerife

Tenerife is situated above the North of Africa and is the largest of the Canary Islands. It is a popular tourist destination and may be one of the last places of paradise in Europe. Offering lush green forests, backed up by exotic flora and fauna, volcanic regions, coastlines, mountains, desert regions and magnificent beaches.

A clear plethora of scenery that is pleasing to the eye can be witnessed across the island in more ways than one. For the modern man seeking active holidays with vibrant nightlife, Tenerife could be just the place for you!Tenerife Bar

Las Americas is the main tourist area and every night out is like the start of the weekend and the choices of clubs and bars are quite terrific. Music lovers can find bars that offer live music, folk music, DJ sets, Dance clubs and local Spanish bars that allow for you to soak up the real culture of Tenerife. There are 3 bars called Veronicas 1, 2 and 3 that are along the main strip in Las Americas and many of the bars have special offers on drinks that can make for a cheap night out on the tiles.

Fun Times in Tenerife

You will never be bored during the day or in the evening. You will never be too far from a beach, so chilling out and sunbathing is an easy option that can put you back in tune with yourself whilst on vacation.

It is also not hard to find activities to do in Tenerife; you can take a boat out onto the ocean to do some whale spotting, visit a warm lagoon and have lunch aboard the ship watching a beautiful ocean sunset. Some of the boats have a glass bottom so you can appreciate the wildlife under water as the boat is sailing.Aqua Park

Adventures In Aqua Park

Tenerife’s state of the art water theme park- Aqua Park, is an exciting way for thrill seekers to relish the island on a more extreme level. Filled with water slides, lazy lagoon and an impressive dolphin display. Not just for adults, the park has many activities for children of all ages also.

For those who suffer from sea sickness, there is plenty of inland fun to be had! Many men enjoy a spot of golf on holiday and you can do so in Tenerife on one of the beautiful courses situated on Tenerife Island. Go kart fanatics can also find satisfaction in the karting club that has a mini league and tournaments daily.

Is it THAT good?

Quite frankly, yes. Not many islands of paradise offer so many things to see and do. Of course whilst you are seeing all of the attractions, finding a suited place of rest is not hard to find in Tenerife. Some places are that nice, you will not even want to leave your hotel! Such like the Hotel Botanico and Oriental Spa Garden. Known as one of the leading hotels of the world, Hotel Botanico has a perfect spa facility to relax in and some of the rooms have balconies with fitted Jacuzzis.

For a full experience, the modern man will not be disappointed if they decide to take an adventure to Tenerife!