Experience a Castle Holiday Trip to Italy

In the month of October 2013, when I was browsing the web, I came across a post of daily mail UK that reveals that an Italian government is selling many historical properties including castles, palaces and even an entire island off the floating city of Venice to fight the impact of economic crisis.

Well, I am not telling you to buy a castle or a palace, as this might not be in your budget, but how about enjoying a holiday stay in one of the most beautiful Castelli Italia (Italian castles) on your next trip to this wonderful European country? No, you won’t need to break your banks, as castles across Italy are now available at affordable rental prices.

Exploring a castle vacation in the Italian Peninsula

Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle, at least for a day? If yes, this is now high time to make your dream come true in your next holiday escape to Italy.

Of course you will find plenty of deals of beautiful apartments, villas and country homes dotted all across the country and available at really good prices. But the charm and elegance of a castle outstrip all other holiday accommodation alternatives offered by the country.

No matter whether you book a castle in Tuscany, Arezzo, Lazio or in any other part of the country, you are bound to experience the highest degree of living comfort and most breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Many rental castles come with a private garden and many other luxury amenities like a private swimming pool, a grand dining table that dates back before many years, etc. If you are traveling the country during the summer months, you may better pick a castle accommodation with a private pool in the spectacular garden with blossoming bushes and centuries old trees; a garden restaurant in a refurbished ancient barn can be a plus point for those on romantic holidays in Tuscany.

If you are visiting the country in winter days, you will see large fireplaces, a small wine bar or restaurant scenes in the castle itself. Isn’t it so royally and exciting folks?

A real fortress must feature its own route for emergency or secret escape. I am sure you might have heard many stories about such escapes in your childhood. If not, you may see them alive on your next trip to Italy by renting a castle accommodation. You may find several short but interesting routes in a fortress taking you directly in the garden or dinner table near the pool.

You can also ask and confirm with your holiday accommodation provider company, whether or not, the holiday home, they are offering feature lounges, sun umbrellas, and changing cabins with shower.

Make your fortress accommodation rental a base to explore the whole region and its surroundings easily and comfortably. You can also hire a car to get around the region hassle-free.

If you have already started looking for the best places to rent castles in Italy, Tuscany and Umbria will surely top the list.

Author Bio: Staying in one of the castle Italia (Italian castles) was her dream of a lifetime. And she lived her trip in January 2013 when she traveled to Italy and stayed in one of the castle available to rent for 10 days.