Exploring London by Taxis

London is one of the most popular cities in the world. Tourists flock to the city every year to enjoy its rich heritage and culture. People travel from airports to various places in London by taxis, buses, trains and tubes. London Heathrow handles a wide range of international passengers every day and many prefer taxis for their transfers. You can simply pre book Heathrow taxis for relaxed journeys to and from Heathrow airport. Taxis are one of the convenient ways to travel around the city and its suburbs. Find below how taxis help you have a good time in London.

Taxi tours in London are the best way to explore the quaint city without too much exhaustion and are also the most time conserving option. These tours prove to be comprehensive and exciting. Taxi drivers who are mostly locals act as the best source of information about the city and its highlights. They are well trained to keep you entertained and the trip simple and informative. Find below some of the popular taxi trips that most tourists enjoy. Commentary in preferred languages is an added advantage of these tours.

London city tour

Tourists can choose to take brief trips of about 2-3 hours or can engage themselves in day long tours around the city. Taxis can accommodate up to 6 persons and can also accommodate infants for an extra minimal charge. Most tours cover the city highlights such as Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, The London Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square. At every historic building, the taxi driver stops for an explanation and gives tourists the ample time for photographs.  Apart from this, some tours also include unique activities like exploring alleyways, learning about their mysterious history, finding out the city’s smallest house and encountering such hidden surprises all along the way. These tours highlight the contrast of the city by bringing forward the historical importance of the tourist attractions and the business acumen of the modern financial district in London. Taxi day tours include a morning full of the city highlights followed by lunch and some shopping. The evening includes special shows and sights that bring a sparkle to London nights. They include the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, Christmas markets and other seasonal events. The best part about these tours is that they can be personalized as per customer preference for a very minimal change in the price. Taxi day tours can last up to 8 hours and is all that you can ask for to learn about the great British history in detail. For lovers of art, special tours that include the museums and art galleries alone can be arranged.

Day Tours outside London

Have you had enough of the bustling London city? Wish to explore the quiet countryside?  London taxis can entertain you with their wide range of day tours outside the London city. These tours are generally 8 hours long and include complimentary drinks and snacks. Like the city tours, these day tours are also accompanied by expert drivers who are a storehouse of valid and interesting information.  Some of the popular places that tourists enjoy outside the London city are Stonehenge, Bath, the Warwick Castle, Stratford upon Avon, Oxford, Cambridge, The Windsor Castle, York and the Garden of England. Most of these tours have predetermined itineraries and are not open to any customisation. Like the city tours they can also accommodate up to 6 persons and offer ample situations for great photographs.

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