Indulge into trekking this New Year

Trekking is a beautiful adventure in which one can indulge. Along with walking through some beautiful routes one can come in contact with the serene nature which is otherwise missing in the daily chores of city life. While trekking one can view some beautiful places and once one reaches the top, there is a feeling of achievement.

This adventure has a lot of adrenaline rush and satisfaction. Trekking near Mumbai has a variety of options. One can choose some from the below mentioned amazing adventures.

Padargad Fort Trek:

If you are ready to trek to the royal fort of Rajgad, then go for this one. Located in the Bhimshankar Range, this route is lesser known as a trek route. Those who have a knack for treks can only opt for this one as the route has a lot of rocky patches and there is no fortification at the top of the fort except a few water tanks. But when you reach the top, you will get a panoramic view of the entire Bhimshankar Range which is breathtaking. Arranged by Mumbai travellers, this one starts from 7th January 2017 at 11.15 AM till 8th January 4 PM. The duration is one night, two days. The meeting point is at Karjat station and one can book their tickets at Rs 1100 now.

Adventure at Konkankada:

If you are game for some serious adventure and trekking is one of your loves, then join in the most exciting event of your life. This adventure is full of adrenaline rush as one can take to the top after climbing a thrilling 1800 feet. This is an extreme adventure which is organized by the Dusty Road on 21st January at 7 AM in the morning. The meeting point is Harishchandra Ahmednagar. One can book their tickets with a minimum of Rs 1000. This Konkankada is a unique formation at the Sahyadri Range, which is a semi-circular cliff and is a real challenge for the trekkers.

Walk in the clouds at Meghalaya:

If you want to trek amidst the living root bridges and in between the clouds, then this winter book a trekking session at the beautiful Meghalayas. Block you dates from 21st January to 29th January and indulge into the adventure in this breathtakingly beautiful place. This entire trek plan includes the cleanest village of Asia and some stunning waterfalls. There is Cherapunjee, which faces the highest rainfall in entire India is also included in the list. You have to book your tickets with Rs 28000 right now to enjoy the serene beauties of Meghalaya.

Brahmatal Trek:

Himalaya is the hub of adventure and is the heaven for all the trekkers. One can indulge into the Uttarakhand trek which is arranged by the Eightydegree Adventure sports and it starts from 23rd January and will end on 28th January. One has to book their tickets with Rs 9300. This is a snow-clad region where one can trek on the frozen land and it is a lifetime experience.

So, go ahead and enjoy your pick.