Renting a Car in North Cyprus

ImageNothing quite beats roaming the open roads of an entirely new place – especially one as diverse and un-busied as North Cyprus. Driving allows you a sense of freedom and control while away, so that you can explore different areas, drawing up your own itinerary or having one tailor made, and discovering a vision of the island that is personal to you.

North Cyprus Car Hire

When renting a car abroad it’s important to make sure that the company you’re renting with is trustworthy. If you’re booking with an ATOL and ABTA protected tour operator such as Direct Traveller then this is a service that can usually be added on as an extra to your holiday. You should also be provided with a package that ensures security, with offers such as a 24 hour emergency and breakdown contact number, representatives available for any problems, properly inspected vehicles that meet safety standards and advice on parking and routes.

Finding Car Rental Deals

Prices for car rental are competitive, though to give you an idea of the sort of deals you can get, Direct Traveller offer four different groups of vehicle (all of which include air conditioning). This ranges from a 4 door Ford Focus manual, to a soft top roof Jeep and 7 seated Zafira. The prices start at £20 and go up to £49, with the 7 seater and months of May-Oct most costly.

Booking with Direct Traveller throughout 2014 also gives you an extra 5% off any of their car rentals, so it’s usually worth booking with your tour operator so that you can find extra perks like this.

Check the T&C’s

The terms and conditions are likely to be a little different for each car rental company, and are an important part of knowing exactly how good the deal is that you’re getting, as well as ensuring that you know important details about driving in North Cyprus. For example, in North Cyprus drivers should be 21 years old or over and no hired vehicles can be driven over the border to South Cyprus.

Tailor Made Itineraries

While driving without a set plan can be exciting, it’s usually better to have some kind of a route ready to follow, especially if hoping to see some specific attractions of the region. This is where having a tailor made itinerary comes in handy.

When booking your holiday you can mention to your tour operator the kinds of things you’re interested in seeing, and from this they can help to put together a route that encompasses and best suits your holiday desires.

An example could be that on your first day in North Cyprus you drive to Kyrenia to browse the harbor side eateries, and dine overlooking the famous castle. The next day you might head towards Famagusta, driving over the Mesaria Plain and getting to see sites such as the St. Barnabas Monastery and ancient city of Salamis. This could then be followed by a drive through the tranquil scenery towards Kaplica Village, and then finally a trip to the striking natural beauty of the Karpaz Peninsula, with its fascinating flora and fauna and mesmerizing coast lines.

The great thing about renting a car on your holiday is that where you go is completely up to you. It’s the ideal way to visit local villages, find secluded beaches, spot wild life and browse the region’s cultural heritage at your own pace. A tailor made itinerary can just give you that extra prompt in the right direction.

The key things to keep in mind are that you book with a trustworthy company, and know all the details beforehand. It is also recommended that you book a car in advance, and most importantly, don’t forget to have your passport and drivers license with you!