Saving for travel? Here’s how you can do it more efficiently

Exploring a new city can be an amazing experience, giving you memories that can last a lifetime. You’ll meet new people, learn a little bit of a new language, try different cuisines and have experiences and adventures you’ll never forget. However, for first time travellers, planning a vacation can prove to be a bit daunting, especially when you look at costs and expenses for your trip. With increasing rates all over the world for airlines and accommodation, saving for travel can be a bit of a bother. However, if you plan everything and play your cards right, you might just be able to save more than enough for your trip, while getting the best possible experience.

A smart option to save more for a trip is to start from the basics – create a savings plan, and get yourself a savings account. Assess where it is you want to go, how much it’s going to cost you, and put numbers down on a spreadsheet to see how your income stacks up against your expenses. Starting a dedicated travel fund is also a great idea – just remember to feed it monthly, weekly or daily. Remember, every penny counts.

With savings accounts, you can also gain money on the money you’re saving. With a regular income, you can earn interest on the amount in your account from the bank. Having a separate savings account that is solely used to pay for your travel expenses allows you to track your progress towards your travel goals. With an automatic withdrawal set up to fund your travel account, you can ensure regular savings, as well as monitor how much money you’re saving and how much more you can add to the travel fund. Direct funds into this account on a regular basis and give it a bonus deposit when you can.

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