Take a Bike Tour

Many travelers would agree that taking a bus tour around the place is a good way of seeing all attractions and getting introduced to the new area. However, this modern age is bringing us some new prospects: why not exchange a bus tour for a bicycle? While this trend was obvious for Europeans, it only now started gaining popularity all over the world. Reliable proof of that is a modern building of bicycle paths all around the globe. During the past ten years Taiwan has expanded its cycling lanes over 3000 miles. Bogotá has introduced so many cycling innovations so that it can be called the cycling residence of Latin America. Finally, even US residents started moving to an environment-friendly bikes, of which 19 million were sold in 2013. Nowadays, even Namib Desert has respectable cycling lanes. It is important to understand that if you want to move to bicycle use instead of cars it is of vital importance that you are provided with biking lanes. The barrier between car traffic and bikes is important both for healthier life and for overall safety, says Martha Roskowski, director of Green Lane Project. And this definitely does not play a role just for the locals.mountain-bike

A decade ago the main thing to get a hold on in a new city was bus or underground. Nowadays it is a bicycle and many claim that it is the best possible way around the town, from small villages to fully developed skyscraper cities. Biking is faster than walking and more interesting than sitting in the bus. You are not obliged to see only main streets, you can explore the whole environment on your own. You can either decide where to go and head for your goal or you can let yourself be taken around by some random choice of biking lanes. Furthermore, the bike is far less expensive than a cab or rented car, and you will be in much smaller trouble looking for a place to leave a bike than searching for a parking space for car.

We all know that there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam and that well-dressed man also bike around the roads of Copenhagen. What is a bit more of a secret is that even New York can be seen as a biking city. There are people who live all their lives there and have never stepped out of the four-wheels. It may thus come as a surprise that there are many biking lanes all over the city. One of them is Hudson River Park Bikeway leads along the riverside and offering full insight in fields for softball, anglers and lighthouses. It helps one realize that even NY is a river city.NYC-by-Bicycle

Furthermore, even a visit of Washington D.C. Can be conducted on two wheels. You can reach the city by plane or train and take with you a foldable bicycle, according to the famous example by David Byrne. Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh is approachable by bike along the river (the city has three rivers). It is similar in D.C. Where you can take a bike tour from the Lincoln Memorial to Capitol and take full-time pleasure seeing memorable monuments of FDR, Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr. And Washington within less than one hour. You really cannot compare that biking experience with any other traveling option. And traveling by bike is further accelerated by the newly introduced system of bike sharing.

Biking is superb for many different reasons: it keeps you in good shape, you get your daily need to workout, you are faster than pedestrians, but less limited in your whereabouts than in a car. It is time to realize that biking is the best way to visit cities and travel.

The author is Alek Iloski, travel oriented person who traveled a lot. He has been in the USA, Mexico and Europe. He loves to travel and explore new places. Visit his travel page www.travelfunjoy.com and enjoy in the world beauties.