Tips for Choosing the Perfect Campervan

There’s nothing quite like a trip on the open road, and for many families a campervan holiday gives them everything they need. That’s why you’ll see the more campervans on the road, as there has been a boom in the number of people having holidays in an owned or rented Motorhome. If you’ve never taken this kind of holiday, you may be a little confused about the wide range of vehicles on offer, and so here is a simple guide to choosing the right one for your trip. That way, you can get the right vehicle first time round, ensuring you’re well equipped for your journey, wherever it takes you.campervans

Types of Motorhomes

There are many different kinds of vehicles that are classed as campervans or Motorhomes, and they all have different advantages, including:

  • RVs – These are the largest kind of mobile home, and they’re popular in America and other countries where you might need to travel a long distance. Although they have plenty of room, and often have their own electric generators for wilderness camping, they can be expensive to run in terms of fuel.
  • Campervan – Smaller and more compact than an RV, these Motorhomes manage to pack in lots of features such as comfortable fold down beds, and gas cookers. Their compact size makes it easier to negotiate smaller country roads, and means they don’t take as much petrol as the larger models.
  • Caravans – Towing a caravan means you don’t have to worry about learning new controls, you can simply use your own car. However, you will need to make sure you have the right tow bar, and may find it difficult to get used to at first.

The time of Motorhome you choose will often depend on the terrain you’re tacking. For example, many people seek out campervan hire in Melbourne as they can easily drive these vehicles on Australia’s highways, but they have the adaptability to be used in more rugged areas too.

Number of people

The size of vehicle you choose will often depend on the number of people you have coming with you. Most hire companies will state the number of berths, which means the number of bed spaces that can be created at night time. This often includes sofa beds, bunks, and pull out beds, and they will usually state whether these are for adults or children. For example, adults may not be comfortable in a top bunk bed, so check out the layout before you book.

Saving money

One of the most appealing aspects of holidaying in a Motorhome is that it can save you money. Choose a campervan with kitchen facilities, and you won’t have to worry about spending money on expensive meals out. Because you can pitch up in campsites, which often have facilities such as toilets and showers, there’s a big saving on accommodation. You should take this into account when deciding what to budget for a rental, as sometimes spending a little more on an upgraded model can save money overall.

If you have a thirst for adventure, but still like to be comfortable and cozy when on holiday, a campervan or Motorhome could be for you. It means you’re not tied down to one site, and can come and go as you please, setting your own schedule for your precious time off. This means you can explore off the beaten track, and can either plan a varied itinerary, or can go where your fancy takes you. Simply load up your luggage, and there’s nothing else to do except enjoy it.

About the Author:

Laurie Marlborough is a freelance writer for a company that is dedicated to providing quality campervan hire in Melbourne and other areas. Travel Car Centre not only has combo campers but also cars and 4x4s for rent.