TOP 2 eternal questions: where to go, and what to eat in Bologna

It is a fact that the most of Italian cities have their nicknames. For example, Venice is usually called Calm, Florence – Beautiful, Genoa – Prideful. Bologna won the game, as it has as many as three nicknames – Red, Learned and Fat. It is Red because of the red roofs all over the city, Learned because the oldest university in the world is situated here, and Fat because of the rich and substantial cookery, famous around the Italy. That’s it! Let’s pay more attention to the next two eternal questions of all tourists: where to go and what to eat in Bologna.

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How to get Bologna
To get the city is not difficult. Firstly, you can travel by train from Milan, Venice or Florence – the destination is exactly the same, as trains are going as often as it possible. You should know that Bologna is considered as the main transportation point in the North of Italy.
There is one more alternative way for those, who prefer travelling comfortably – renting a car. The prices for the car of A class cost about 35-60EUR. You can hire it just from the airport, travelling to where you want. Keep in mind that driving a car your trip can be much prolonged, as the region Emilia Romagna is a real gastronomy paradise. The Parma ham, parmesan, and Modena balsamic vinegar are produced here. Generally speaking, you must be ready to taste everything: the strongest survives.

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One more thing, if you have already reached the city, you should start from the working up an appetite. The best way for this aim is climbing the famous tower of Bologna – Torre degli Asinelli.

What is worth eating in Bologna?
The choice is really wide; Italian cuisine is various and interesting. Thus, Bologna citizens are considered to keep the secret of their famous Italian ravioli – tortellini, and lasagne — a pudding, made of pasta, ragout, parmesan and béchamel. By the way, the regions next to Bologna call these dishes as traditional Bolognese secrets. The main reason of it is the ragù alla Bolognese – the central ingredient for all of them.

Also, you can try the other kind of pasta – tagliatelle. This pasta is long, plain, about 8 mm wide. It was officially established that the width of the pasta should be about 12270th share of the whole length of Torre degli Asinelli – the famous Italian tower in Bologna.
It’s time to taste mortadella – the perfect work of Italians. As a matter of fact, it is something like a huge pork sausage, with addition of spices and fat. The name of this dish came from the world mortaio – the mortar to hash the meat before cooking.

What is worth visiting in Bologna?
Mortadella and other meat delicacies can be easily found at via D’Azeglio, the street near the central square of Bologna. Walking the square, don’t forget to pay your attention to one of the strangest fountains in Italy – the statue of Neptune. Walking the other side from the fountain straight to via Rizzoli, you come to the popular Tamburini store, where you should try and buy everything you like.

None of the self-respecting Italians can start dinner without drinking an aperitif before the meal. Basilica di Santo Stefano – the most calm and peaceful place in the city, offers you to sit over the glass of wine out of door in a Caffè delle Sette Chiese, enjoying the city view.

If you want to feel the ancient atmosphere of the Bolognese tavern, you should go to Osteria dell’Orsa. There are always crowds of people here. Don’t be surprised. It is because you can try tortellini in brodo, tagliatelle alla bolognese here. The top of the evening will be crostini – the hot fried slices of bread with a number of delicious things on it: mushrooms, salami, prosciutto and many others. Home-made food is rather simple, the serves are really big, and the atmosphere is students. What else do you expect? – Bologna contains a lot of universities on its area.

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There is one more colorful place in Bologna – the book shop Libreria Coop. It is more than a cozy place for all visitors, situated in the building of ex-church, having a glass roof, soft armchairs and torchers. You can buy both, the newest books and typical Italian food here. There is a nice cafe at each floor.
At the first floor you can drink the tastiest coffee with Panini. The second floor is always opened to have a meal – you can enjoy the dinner and special atmosphere here. The third floor welcomes you to taste Italian wines with chees. What is good – the shop is opened till the late evening without the dinner brake. You can find everything based on own preferences: different sorts of cheese, pasta, tartar, traditional green lasagnas.

The menu is renewing every day – that’s why, don’t forget to get the information about the piatto del giorno — the daily special. You can consult the waiter, choosing a wine for your unforgettable evening. Definitely, you cannot but try the famous Lambrusco – so-calledItalian Coca-Cola, or choose any sort you like, taking it directly from the bar. Go easy on drinking and eating, it is better to buy something special for souvenirs. Go ahead!

What is Bologna for you? First of all, it is the Alma Mater Studiorum – the birth-place of the first European university. It is also the city with 35 km of covered arcades and one of the biggest Catholic churches in the world. Moreover, Bologna is a gastronomic capital of Italy, the central city of the region that have made such important presents to the world, as mortadella, parmesan, and Parma ham.

Bologna is the embodiment of everything, which is called the breath of Italy. The small number of tourists, historical center, kept on its origin quality, the hundreds of cafes, restaurants, interesting and informative museums, schools – all these make Bologna nontrivial, special place for spending your Italian vacation here. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re going by car, or train – any kind of travelling can be interesting and comfortable.

Author Bio: Lily Berns tries to provide readers with useful info regarding their travels. She likes to find special places for happy trip by car with in Italy.