India’s vast coastline and estimated 50,000kms of rivers, streams and lakes, make it an ideal destination if you’re looking to do some angling. What makes fishing an accessible sport is that most major fishing spots have lodges and accommodation close by. However, before you leave for your next fishing trip, you better make sure you have all the required permissions, as licenses are a must in certain areas. Here I am going to give you some destinations which are perfect for a fishing enthusiast!


If you’re a fishing enthusiast, the Ramganga river, located close to Jim Corbett National Park, is the perfect destination for you. However, one needs to release the fishes once you’ve caught them. The authorities regularly feed the fishes to ensure they stay close by and hence provide plenty of opportunities for you to catch some. About 43 species of fish have been documented in this river. The Mahaseer fishing is a unique experience which any enthusiast should try atleast once.ramganga



The Dodital Lake in Uttarkhand, with the beautiful snow capped Himalayas in the backdrop, is an ideal destination for trout fishers. In fact the lake derives its name from a rare Himalayan trout called Dodi. However, permission needs to be taken from the forest department if you wish to indulge in any trout fishing. There is a strict ‘catch and release’ policy which you have to abide by in Dodital.dodital


The brown and rainbow trout were introduced by the British and are now present in large numbers. A unique system is followed here where anglers are allowed to reserve beats, and thus reservations should be made in advance with the Forest Department. The fishing season runs from April to October, as the melting snow in the other months makes it difficult for you to catch any game.kashmir tour

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Andaman Islands

Saltwater fishing expeditions are generally organized around the Havelock islands. Huge catches ranging from 20-30kgs of Mackerels, Tuna etc. have been reported here. A unique experience that you can enjoy is the nighttime shark fishing around the Barren and Narcondam Islands. Being a relatively untouched destination, this is great if you’re looking to be all alone with just a few sharks for company!andaman islands

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Serving as an ideal destination for adventure freaks and nature enthusiasts, head here if fishing is your forte. However, it is very important to get permission from the Forest Department in advance. The Kosi river is a renowned breeding ground for Mahaseers. The best part is that you can actually fry the fish that you catch!ramgarh


Gobind Sagar

Gobind Sagar was declared as a water fowl refuge in 1962. About 150 species of fish can be found in these waters. A variety of adventure activities such as kayaking, rowing, water skiing and white water rafting make this an ideal place for people looking for an adrenaline rush. This lake can claim to be a heaven for Mahaseer anglers, by the sheer volume of water it contains. October and November are ideal months to enjoy the water sports as well as the fishing activities.gobind sagar

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The South receives ample rainfall, which means there are a number of rivers which have enough water to attract a large number of trout. The picturesque locale of Munnar specificially attracts a lot of anglers. However, you have to be at a very high skill level to make sure you catch some good game here!kerala tour and travel

Tirthan Valley

This is one of the few destinations in India which hasn’t been affected by the large hydel projects, in any way. The Himachal Pradesh government has specifically declared it as an angling reserve and thus, no hydel projects are allowed, so as to preserve its aquatic bio diversity. This means that even in the future this will always be a great destination if you’re looking to indulge in some fishing. A variety of trout fishes ensure that almost every one goes away feeling satisfied with their efforts!tirthan valley

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